The Ultimate Guide About MRA Scan

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MRA is the abbreviated form of MR angiography. This procedure mainly uses powerful radio waves, an intense magnetic field, as well as a computer for examining the blood vessels. This procedure mainly helps to look for abnormalities. This exam mainly does not use radiation. Some of the important facts about the MRA scan in New Jersey have been discussed in this article.

The need for the MRA scanning 

The MRA scanning is mainly used for some of the below conditions:

  • This scan mainly checks for the weakened blood vessels
  • This scan looks for the plaque which mainly blocks or narrows the blood vessels
  • The examination mainly searches for problems associated with the structure of the blood vessels
  • This scan mainly helps to prepare for the surgery. This exam also checks results after the surgery
  • This type of exam helps in finding the injured blood vessels after an accident
  • The scanning mainly helps with the cancer treatment
  • This examination helps to find blood clots

For this scan, the patient will mainly lie on an exam table. This mainly leads to a large circular area, which is the magnetic field. The patient needs to stay still during the entire test. Sometimes the patient will be asked to hold their breath. During this procedure, the patient, as well as the technologist, will be mainly able to talk to each other.

After the patient is done with the testing, they will be returned to the exam room. Then the patient will be out of the scanner. If the patient had some medication to help them relax, they can mainly get back to their normal activities. If the patient had the medication then they mainly need to rest.

These are some of the important aspects to know about MRA scan.

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