Some Most Amazing Things To Do In Marco Island- Visit Now

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You may be wanting a holiday away from home, or want to plan a vacation with friends and family, or throw a bachelor’s party. Well, here is the one destination that you must visit that will surely leave you in a state of bliss for days after you return.

Why should you travel abroad?

Visiting abroad destinations is absolute fun. You get to meet new people following a culture different from yours, trying unfamiliar delicacies, feel the exciting atmosphere, energetic vibe it’s all happening there. You make friends with other tourists and enjoy being away from home for a little while.

Why do tourists get attracted to Marco island? 

It is 6 miles by 4 miles small island. Tourists from around the world get attracted to the sheer beauty of the beaches, sub-tropical climates, and pleasing to the island’s eye sunset view.

Things to do in Marco Island, FL

  1. Exquisite beaches– Beaches on this island are exhilarating with water sports and more. The real show highlighter is the embellishing seashells on the expanse of white sand beaches. Sit and relax under an umbrella and enjoy the great view of the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Marco island historical museum– This historical museum displays the extinct civilization called the Calusa Indians. With a 3D display of their village, you can see the thatched chicken hut, fishing, and seashell culture. This award-winning museum is crammed with pictures and stories of ancient Florida.
  3. Frank E. Mackle Park This is one of the largest and the most beautiful parks you’ll ever visit. With amenities such as a picnic area, an open field, walking lanes, and fishing, you can enjoy spending valuable time with your friends and family. This park is also great for kids with amenities such as basketball, volleyball court, playground, and more.
  4. Marco Island Farmers Market– You can check out this market for its freshly caught seafood, vegetable, and local delicacies. This market is famous for its large selection of dutch and german bakery items. The friendly vendors also sell craft items and photographs of the beautiful island for tourists who fell in love with this island on the very first visit.
  5. Cape Ramano– This is a rare sight to see. Explore the history of these tilted Dome houses. These structures, built in the 1980s; extreme engineering went to constructing them. But as we all know that, nothing stands still before mother nature. See them before they get submerged under the gulf of Mexico.

There are lot more things to do in Marco Island and enjoy your time there,

Why not the city of Naples instead of Marco island?

There was a long ongoing debate about which is better, the Marco islands or the neighboring Naples city for a vacation? Everyone has their opinion but solely based on public reviews, and the winner was declared as there are more activities and places to visit in ‘La Isla de San Marco,’ otherwise known as the Marco islands. 

Is this trip worth every penny?

Yes, in a nutshell, this trip allows you to know about the history of the island, witness its immaculate and beautiful beaches. You must visit for an unforgettable life-long experience.

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