How to encourage teammates in Valorant?

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Boosting on prime of another gamer in Valorant is troublesome. Several gamers believed it was purposely not possible to forestall them from reaching areas while not victimization talents. However, a Valorant gamer has discovered how to spice up that permits an agent to achieve elevated positions.

To boost another player, they should interchange the corner of the article they require to spice up their mate on prime of.

The other player should interchange the area between the first player and therefore, the object. They conjointly have to be compelled to face the article so hold down the crouch, W key, and either the A or D key reckoning on the opposite player’s direction.

Once the gamer being boosted is in position, the booster should hold W, jump, then crouch now once jumping. It may boost the opposite gamer on the prime of the article. The strategy is used systematically once gamers master the method.

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Boosting players will permit each agent to use elevated positions while not victimization talents. Agents like Jett, Omen, and tear down were already ready to get into higher locations. However, alternative agents were stuck on the bottom.

The Riot games haven’t commented on this manoeuvre and, it’s unclear if this can be an intentional gameplay style. Players ought to use this technique to their success nowadays, though, since it will facilitate surprise enemies and win rounds

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