How to decide undergarments according to occasions

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There are a lot of things to keep in mind while deciding what undergarment is to be worn under a particular dress. A lot of misconceptions leading to improper knowledge and ill fit of undergarments can lead to a wardrobe malfunction.

 Certainly, multiple options are available for events like exercising undergarments, wedding dress undergarments, and office wear undergarments, etc. here are some pro tips to help manage wardrobe:

Everyday bras 

One must have some selective bras; definitely, the most comfortable ones with good support to your breast should be kept separately to fulfill the everyday needs. Such bras can have soft straps and strong hooks to support on a routine basis.

Pregnant women

 Pregnant ladies should avoid wired bras or bras with tight or hard straps as it can cause breathing problems to pregnant ladies. Cotton bras are the most advisable as they are comfortable, soft, stretchable, and breathable, etc.

Sports routine

When it comes to sports, breathability, material, and elasticity are major concerns. Physical activity needs strong fabric which can match the flexibility of a person without any interruptions.

Wedding Day                                                                                                                                    

This is the most important day in an individual’s day when they demand nothing less than perfect. The wedding dress undergarments should be decided according to the wedding dress. If opting for a backless wedding dress then a backless bra, no strap bra, or cup bras are recommended, and so on.

For more details on how to select bras according to wedding dress log on to this URL:

Common problems                                                                                                                                                                 Problems come in bulk when small things are neglected, like the same size in different brands may vary, fitting can be different, not every fabric suits each skin, this small thing, when neglected, becomes issues, like clotting, loose shape, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.

These are some of the many points to keep in mind while deciding bras for different events.   


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