How Much to Design a Business Card

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There are a lot of fields that have been benefited by rapidly progressing economic circumstances, and perhaps the field that has seen the most positive change in that respect is the design industry. There is a pretty good chance that the concept of hiring someone to design something for you and paying them with nothing but exposure is a thing of the past, since no one would dare to ask a design professional to work for no money no matter how simple the desired design might be.

However, that can pose a bit of a problem for startups that are looking for cheap ways to make metal cards and the like. You see, startups have very little money to work with, and what venture capital they receive needs to go towards making their products feasible and profitable. Hence, forking over a ton of cash for a fancy business card design can be challenging and troublesome to say the least, but the truth of the situation is that you can make this more affordable by hiring a freelancer instead of an entire agency.

The main benefit of hiring a freelancer that can design your cards is that they would charge less than a firm, since the fact of the matter is that they don’t have any massive overhead costs to factor in. That means that you can get a pretty solid design for your cards for as little as fifty to one hundred dollars, and you can also get one for free if you use an online tool although that would not give you a beautiful design. If you want an aesthetically pleasing card, spending some money can be useful.

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