Endolift: tightens the skin by dissolving fat

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Cosmetic Surgery

Today aesthetic medicine, thanks to the use of less and less invasive techniques and technologies for the patient, has reached important goals. Among the laser treatments used in aesthetic medicine, Endolift is recognized as one of the most innovative and versatile methods. The goal is to firm ,  tone  and  recompact the skin of the face and body, dissolving the subcutaneous fat deposits. Endolift is a technique derived from classic surgical laserlipolysis, modified for outpatient use ultherapy skin tightening treatments.

Endolift: when to do it?

It is an ideal technique for all those people who, although eager for a facelift, fear surgery . Endolift, in fact, allows to obtain very satisfactory results while being minimally invasive for the patient. This treatment allows you to treat small sagging of the face, with particular attention to:



Bags of the lower eyelid

Excess skin of the upper eyelid

In other words, Endolift is also the perfect candidate to avoid the blepharoplasty operation . Likewise, this treatment can also be used to treat sagging skin in the arms and legs.

In fact, the heat of the laser has a double action : it melts fat and stimulates the production of collagen. The latter, together with elastin, is the protein that contributes to the support of the epidermis.

How the treatment takes place

The aesthetic doctor first of all performs a diagnostic visit to evaluate the general condition of the patient who wants to undergo the treatment. But above all, it evaluates whether the Endolift method is applicable or not to that specific blemish. As well as whether it is compatible with the results that are expected to be achieved.

The treatment is generally performed in a single session , the duration of which varies according to the width of the area to be treated and the degree of laxity of the skin. If this is very important, after six months, a further session can be carried out to optimize the result.

Subsequently, the laser transmits the heat to the optical fiber which is inserted under the skin. The insertion does not require any incision: this is why we are talking about a very minimally invasive and painful treatment. As for the results , the latter will be appreciable immediately, and will tend to improve over time.

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