Bioclimatic pergolas: 4-season comfort

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The bioclimatic pergolas: a darkening system that goes beyond the simple protection from the sun and the natural cooling that they offer with their shelter. So effective that it also becomes a valid shelter from the rain and a heated environment during the mid-seasons. In short, they are a real green room, to be enjoyed all year round, like a real veranda or modern winter garden sunroom additions in Ottawa, ON.

Bioclimatic pergolas: 4-season comfort

The pergola cover is characterized by adjustable inclination aluminum blades. In this way they allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight as needed. The orientation of the blades is controlled by a remote control that allows you to adjust the microclimate of the environment they protect.

When closed, the blades hermetically seal the structure to allow total protection from the rain.

Furthermore, rainwater is collected by drain pipes integrated into the structure of the pergola. For insulation from rain noises, internal insulation of the blades is also possible, with a 70% reduction in the sound energy generated by the impact of water on the blades.

The technological apparatus is contained in the supporting structure in painted aluminum, studied in the design and able to enhance any type of architecture, an important feature especially in the case of pergolas that are fixed to the walls of existing buildings.

The bioclimatic pergola can be arranged in the garden in an isolated form, like a gazebo, or leaning against the house. Scenic, with a great impact, but above all very useful are the sliding glass doors and the sliding and packable systems with tempered glass doors.

Thanks to these added walls, bioclimatic pergolas can become an added environment to the house, even in the coldest months, thanks to the use of special dedicated heating systems.

Energy saving

Very often it is not noticed, but among the great advantages of a bioclimatic pergola leaning against the external wall of the house, we also find energy saving!

Even without Permits

Another advantage of the bioclimatic pergola is that there is no need for special permits or municipal authorizations to install it.This is because such structures are considered external and easily removable.

In order to install a bioclimatic pergola, no type of permit is required and this makes them an even more interesting solution suitable for any type of situation.

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