All about the extermination of rats in Bulgaria

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Rats belong to the rodent family. They are very resilient animals. An adult rat can reach 30 cm in length and around 500 g weight. They generally like and prefer living in close proximity with humans because of the easy access to food and shelter. The amount of damage that can be caused by the rats is high and dangerous. Rats destroy crops in farms, damage insulation of wires and any type of machinery, disrupt the structure of buildings and transmit acute and highly infectious diseases. Food products that come in direct contact with mice can cause diseases varying from minor food poisons to fatal diseases. They contaminate food with their urine and feces. In Bulgaria, several steps are taken by the government and associated organizations for the extermination of плъхове .


Extermination of rats in Bulgaria

Prevent Pest Control does the work related to extermination of rats under the legislation of Bulgaria according to the requirements of HEI. The service is provided once or repeated on the basis of the subscription plan required. The activities by Prevent Pest Control are controlled by health inspectors, food safety agencies and the ministry of health.  It comprises very fast and crucial measures to get rid of rats in residential areas, warehouses, public buildings, commercial sites and farms. These animals are very adaptable, making the extermination process difficult. As a first step in the whole plan, food is kept at places that are hard to reach for rats. All the spaces through which mice can enter are filled with substances with fillers that stop the rats. Deratization boxes are kept where rats are suspected. Rodenticides are used in large numbers by them. The rodenticides are mixed with food that is kept to attract rats. After rats eat it, it takes several days for them to die. A rat trap can be used if there are few rats. It takes approximately 3 to 7 days to view the effect of the process. They also provide support to prevent future increase in rats again.

There are about more than 100 species of rats. The grey and black rats found in Bulgaria have different  natures and thus different techniques for their extermination are required. People also use commercially available rat poison to get rid of the rats. Disinfectants are often recommended to get rid of the contamination by the rats.

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