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Mammogram Screening

A mammogram screening In Fair Lawn, NJ is a technology to discover the early stage of breast cancer. It is an easier way to detect even the small cancerous tissue in the breast. There are radiology centers in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, that provide cost-effective mammogram screening and after treatments. It is an adequate method to reduce the rate of deaths caused by breast cancer in women between the age of 40 to 70. Not only cancer, but mammography helps detect other breast issues too.


There are some drawbacks related to screening mammography. There are some risks related to this. Sometimes it finds something suspicious and abnormal that is not cancerous. This can cause you anxiety. And in some cases, it misses cancer on spot. It also reveals you to the radiation directly.


The process of a mammogram takes about 30 minutes

Firstly, the patient is stood in front of the X-ray machine. After that, the machine is settled at the height of the woman. Then the doctor put your breast between the screening plates and compresses it until it becomes flat.

You can feel pressure on your breast and may feel somehow rattled and a bit painful.  It is usually done to expand the breast tissues to take a reading more clearly.

The images are taken from both angles i.e. from the front and both sides. During the process of taking pictures, you should have to hold your breath for a while, to take a clearer image.

After all this process, a specialized doctor will tactfully see the images taken and tell the results within a few weeks.

Things to avoid during the procedure

There are some things you should avoid during the procedure of mammography. If you come up with these things or apply these things, they will show a white spot in the images, which may cover up the affected area, i.e. the problem will not show in the image accurately. These things are:

  • Talcum powder
  • Perfume
  • Ornaments
  • Any kind of ointment


The procedure of a mammogram is a safe method. The only risk is that it directly exposes you to the radiation, but the radiation is of very low intensity. For pregnant women, the doctor will arrange a lead apron to cover up the area.

In mammography, the disease is detected soon before the symptoms occur. Hence we can say that it is the safest method to prevent future consequences.

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